Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sick and/or Twisted

I'm sitting on my back porch and the thought "I wish school would start" comes to mind.
Yes, I know.  "What the hell are you thinking?"  Well, I probably wouldn't be thinking that if I had won the Utah State lottery*.  Idle Rich may be fun, but Idle Broke isn't.
Now I remember one of the reasons I liked working at the Chevron during the summer.  Not only did it give me extra money in my pocket, but the work itself, and the money it generated gave me something to do.
So it all boils down to the fact that I am actually excited to start school again.  I'm looking forward to working with some people I truly like working with**, and getting to meet a whole bunch of new people.  That's one of the things I like about teaching in general, every year I get to work with a different group of students.   I like learning about people and developing new relationships, even if it is at a rate of 50 minutes a day for only 9 months.
And even though I'm going to be working with a new faculty, there will be a lot of familiar faces.  I worked with the principal and one of the counselors for 7 years before, at two previous schools.  The new vice principal is coming from the same school that I am.  I've worked with 2 of the custodians at 2 different schools, with the front office secretary for couple years, and I've worked with 2 of the teachers before.  So it's going to be a mixture of meeting up with old friends and making new ones.
So yeah, chide me if you want to, but I'm ready for the new year.  And I'm willing to admit it.
*The Utah State lottery is run by, and benefits, the state of Idaho.  Officially, it is the Idaho State lottery, but since about a third of all tickets are sold in a small town right across the Utah/Idaho border, I think Utah deserves some of the credit.
**That doesn't mean I don't miss working with you readers out there that I used to work with. 


The English Teacher said...

OKay, my sympathies, but I'm not ready yet.

Max said...

Yeah, well. Like the title says, I'm sick and twisted. :)

Alexia said...

You said it! How long before you do start back?
I know that feeling though, especially if you're all planned and sorted, sometimes you just want to get on with it.

And money is good. Not paramount - but useful :D

Max said...

We've got just about 4 weeks until the kids show up, they start on the 22nd of August. Teachers are back Wed and Thu of the previous week.

Karen S. said...

..and it's good to stand up and admit what you want....but really Max just a couple more road trips around your lovely area for photos before you head back to work, okay?! Especially fun thing to do (just did today) is use a GPS with some out of the way places (and county roads I never knew existed) and let the little voice direct you where to go....I swear I thought I was in another state.....! Remember all work and no fun makes life boring!!!!! ;)

Max said...

I have a workshop next week, but maybe after that I'll go get lost somewhere in the mountains and get some pictures.
You're right that all work makes life boring, but this summer has been somewhat devoid of funds, limiting the fun I've been able to have.
But I do love just hitting some of the smaller roads out here and seeing where they lead. Guess I'll have to squeeze a couple more in before school starts.

Karen S. said...

It's kind of amazing just when I think I've hit all the spots in Minnesota, a little unknown town pops up....with a cool museum....and a town you can walk from one end to the other without working up a sweat in the very, extremely hot heat for the moment....I got here with the GPS but it was the postcard from 1914 that I had in my Sepia Saturday post that led me to Wykoff, why? cuz I'd never heard of the place before...what, really!!! Funny how things can just pop up out of no where really! Enjoy your time you a chance to think up some really cool stuff for those adventurous little souls that will be your new students!