Monday, July 11, 2011


I’ve been thinking about getting a cheap little beater economy car so I’m not spending a zillion dollars a week driving the beasts.  Which means my favorite past time, looking for cars for sale on,  has an actual purpose.

I have a hard enough time understanding why people don’t bother posting pictures of their car in the ad, which there are a lot of, but this kind of crap is really annoying.

Why would you put pictures of $100,000 cars on an ad for something you’re selling for $500?  Do you think anyone is going to mistake a Porsche for a Chevy Corsica?  Especially when it’s obviously an ad or show picture, and not just your wife sitting on the hood of your $500 car?

Or maybe the idea is that people will think “Hey, that guy knows good cars, he must have taken real good care of his Corsica!” With the blown head gasket.

I don’t know what the concept behind this is, any ideas (or funny concepts to add)?


Karen S. said...

He's hoping to get your attention maybe? Although air-heads have well air flowing through their heads so who knows right?! Max, you are a man after my own heart!!! or rather little toy ones to tool around town in...mine is a VW Bug, yeah I get all the slug-bug stuff, but I'm lucky to have one to play with for a bit (until it's sold) and my other car not a beast and gets good enough gas, Buick LaCrosse, but the little itty bitty toy cars are fun!...especially if they have a sunroof!!! or okay a (Not as cheap) convertible works too!

Max said...

Karen - Is that one of the original VW Bugs? Those are classic, gotta love 'em. I've been looking at convertibles, have owned one since my '84 Mustang, although my current one has a bad transmission (and it's a big gas hog.)

Karen S. said...

Sadly no it's newer, but good on gas...BUT! I do have a classic in(my opinion) a silver GT 86 Fiero, with a sticker on the windshield saying "87 Vehicle Inspection Certificate from TEXAS!" Do they still do that there? Amazing it's in one piece! The poor baby Fiero has seen better days she was buried under too much snow all winter...not such a roomy car but oh so cute! I posted a photo of it once,(long ago) your brother (Gear Head) seems to like them! Good luck on your car hunt...share some photos of your hunt! ;)

Max said...

86 Fiero, yeah, I'd consider that a classic too. Gotta get 'er running and cruise aorund in it!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Don't blame you for wanting to downsize. My husdand usually tools around in a Honda Civic, not so cute but good gas mileage. As for the ad it borders on false advertising, I would never think about buying for someone who ran an ad like that. We've found too many cars when we needed them from those who choose more reputable ads. Stupid, stupid person to run such an ad
Johnina :^A

Max said...

I'm with you, YEE, I would never buy a car from that kind of ad. I hardly even look at ones with no picture at all, wshich could just be a case of not being techno-savy enough to know how. But with that picture, he abviously knows how to upload a picture, just chose to put that up instead a picture of the real car.