Thursday, July 21, 2011

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Thematic Photographic’s theme is “Vacation”, and I immediately thought of one of the best ones I ever had.

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For Thanksgiving in 2006, a big portion of my extended family spent a week in Puerto Vallarta.  We had one tenet for the week:  You do what you want.  If you’d rather sit on the beach and drink rather than swim with the dolphins, then that’s fine.  If you’d rather go shopping in town rather than try out the zip line, no problem.

Other than one outing to ride the zip line, I pretty much stayed on the beach.  It was perfect.  Temperature was wonderful, and if it did get warm, the ocean was right there.  Wonderful week.  Here are some of the pictures I took that week.

Sunset on the beach.

Mr. & Mrs. Gearhead ignoring the warning.

A bird on the beach.

Some kid riding the surf on a water board.

These two are a little bit blurry.  I had my cheaper camera for the zip ride expedition because I didn’t want to lose the good one.  Unfortunately I had it set on “closeup” and forgot to change it.

Here’s the truck that picked us up for the zip line.  The trip took at least an hour and took us through some rough looking areas and a lot of jungle type areas.  After about a half hour we started to wonder if we had been drafted into some Bolivian guerrilla unit.

My other brother, Pedro, on the zip line.  They went from a tree on one side of the gully to one on the other side.  They told us, afterwards, that we hit heights of up to 600 feet above the bottom of the valley and probably hit speeds up to 60 MPH.  And it was a blast!

Finally, one of my favorite sunset pictures ever.  I took this about the third night there, the boat was there, the abandoned chair too.  Just the sight of it still relaxes me.

Yeah, great vacation.  Do it again in a flash if I had the funds.


The English Teacher said...

I love the pic of people playing on the beach!

Bob Scotney said...

The only time I've seen a sunset like in your last photo was on Lake Michigan - I had no camera with me!

Max said...

I've had that happen to me way too many times - the perfect picture and no camera to capture it.
Glad you liked the photo.

Alexia said...

Great photos - and it certainly looks like a wonderful holiday, if you like lying on beaches... and I now know where Puerto Vallarta is!
Both sunset pics are gorgeous, I love the sparkle in the kids playing shot - and that bird is nicely captured in mid-strut!

Max said...

Yeah, the kids on the beach is one of my favorites. Glad you liked them. That last sunset one is one has been my desktop picture at school for a while.

Karen S. said...

looks like you all had a wonderful vacation time! ...and I too would be right down there on the beach...what a lovely beach at that! Thanks Max for a brief vacation just looking at these photos!

Carmi said...

I love how you capture a beach scene. I need to get back to where sand meets water, as your pictures have inspired me to approach these amazing places with a different perspective.

Max said...

Carmi - That's probably the biggest thing I miss about living on the East Coast, the ocean. Even though you really can't swim in it, I'll go out to the Great Salt Lake sometimes just because it's smell reminds me of the ocean...