Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little common sense folks.


Seriously folks, I know the job market is grim out there, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If these crooks had rented a store front, placed an ad in the paper and interviewed people who came to them in an office, I could understand falling for the scam.

But when someone walks up to you in a Wal*Mart or the South Towne Mall and on nothing but sight offers you a high paying job, you gotta (or ought to) question their honesty.

Then when they hire you on the spot, between the tighty-whities and the tube socks, and ask for your bank account information so they can direct deposit your paychecks, you gotta (or ought to) pull off your best Bill Cosby imitation and respond with “Riiiight!”

Now, I truly feel sorry for the people who got scammed, you should be able to trust your fellow human beings.  And I feel especially sorry for the mentally handicapped man that these people stole from.  But at the same time, I have to ask anyone with their full mental capabilities “What the hell were you thinking?”  Did no one think to ask where this business was going to be, to insist on seeing the working conditions, want to get a feel for the place they would be spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at?

People, people, people.  Think.  Ask.  Expect good answers.  And if your gut is telling you this is too good to be true, you’ve never been this lucky before, then triple check and don’t give out ANY information unless you are sure they are a legitimate business.

Please, I’m tired of seeing these stories and asking “How could anyone fall for that?”


The English Teacher said...

I feel sorry for the mentally handicapped as well, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for the rest. Really, if you're that unable to use the brains God gave you, then I have a hard time doling out sympathy.
Obviously, these are the folks for whom we have to write instructions on shampoo bottles and put warning labels on peanutbutter that say "Warning: contains peanuts" because otherwise they'd be suing companies.

The English Teacher said...

PS. You'll like my post today. It's a sign, not a book review. Go check it out.

The English Teacher said...

PPS. Never mind. You already did. Sorry.

Alexia said...

I couldn't agree more, Max. How can they be so stupid?
The current one here is a phone scam - they purport to be Microsoft technicians and say that your computer has a virus and that you need to give them your ISP number and your passwords - so many people have fallen for it and then had their online banking accounts cleared out....

One born every minute, I guess.

Max said...

ET - Ha ha, beat ya to it! Loved the sign, though!
Alexia - No kidding. What's so complicated about "Unless you contact them, don't give out any information. Period." It's as simple as "Don't open an email attachment unless you were expecting it." One born every minute, and now there's a million ways for them to take their money.

Karen S. said...

Max I always enjoy your post openings...and how I can just hear the words you say....hard to believe, but drastic people do extremely stupid things. Besides being given a job offer over underwear, first major clue, but anytime the question "your bank account number please?????" ...what in the world has happened to their reasoning? Once anyone asks me for personal info END of Communication, unless it's a place I know is on the up and way people! Especially anything on the Internet as just don't know who is who casual is the only way to be....sad to say but there are so many people out there that need to be educated quickly. Before they fall into traps, and posts like this help enforce what's going on in the real world...thanks Max.