Friday, July 15, 2011

All of it.

I was at Office Depot picking up some supplies for my classroom next year and even after I had told the cashier that it would be tax exempt, because it’s for the school, she asked me “Would you like to donate any of these to a classroom?”

I told her “Yeah, they’re all going to a classroom.”


Karen S. said...

Don't you just hate it when you realize the person you were speaking with just didn't absorb one word you said!!! Ouch! I would love to come up with a good comeback comment when they do that! Have a great weekend Max....your students will be happy you have them on your mind! Some teachers I know blank out all children and school related things during the summer...YOU rock!

Max said...

Absolutely. I tried real hard, when I was cashiering at the Chevron, to give the customers all of my attention. That's the way I like it when I'm the customer.
Sometimes I wish I could blank out all school related thoughts during the summer, and at times I do, but there's nothing I hate worse than running around stressed that first week back, trying to get everything set up.

The English Teacher said...

She only heard the word "school" and went into her required spiel. Sort of like a student in class, actually.
At least she didn't say, "Would you like fries with that?"

I just saw a play about putting on a play last week. In it, one of the actresses, has all her lines and blocking perfectly memorized, but she can't adapt. So when things go wrong, she just keeps doing what she's been told to do, instead of THINKING and adjusting. Hence, she ends up talking to people who aren't there and saying lines that don't make sense. It's hilarious, of course.
This salesgirl sounds rather like this. Just because you told her you're a teacher doesn't mean she's going to vary her assigned blurb about donating to schools.....

Max said...

Sounds like a funny play, and I think you're right. The clerk was just spewing out what she was supposed to, probably more out of habit than anything.