Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Potty party.

Came home today, put new litter in the cats’ litter box and immediately they both decided to take it for a trial run, at the same time.

Please forgive the quality of the picture, I took it with my cell phone.  Cat’s don’t dawdle there, so I knew that I had to act fast and didn’t have time to get the good camera out.

And just because I need to counteract the “ewww” factor of a picture of them in the litter box, here’s three “awwww” pictures.

Alan in his favorite sleeping corner.

Except when they want to cuddle together on my chair.

And Denny (I think) helping me do the dishes,
although he looks a little perplexed.


Mustang Sally said...

Aw ... once upon a time I had a cockatiel that used to sit on my shoulder a lot. One time, while I was doing dishes with a pile of suds like that covering the water.

He leaned over and tilted his head and looked and looked ... so curious. Then he hopped down to investigate.

He was so surprised when he slipped right through that white stuff and down into the water. Unlike other birds, this one HATED to get wet >:O and he came up PISSED! Little crown feathers all straight up and squawking! Wish I'd had a camera then.

The English Teacher said...

Sally --
That is an AWESOME story!