Monday, December 31, 2007

On the 11th day of Christmas

that my district gave to me:
  1. Not a very eventful day today. Went to Costco and bought paper towels and toilet paper. Weeeeee!
  2. Came home and watched some more SG1. Weeeeee!
  3. Going to go over to the neighbors house to cheer in the new year, and then will probably go to bed. Weeeeee!

One more day of this. Weeeeee!


jannx said...

We have Costcos here on the east coast. There are even a couple of Costcos in Japan. I was a member in Japan, but I haven't gotten around to joining one here yet.

Max said...

Ya gotta love Costco- where else can you buy a bazillion rolls of toilet paper for 15 bucks? I get a pretty good deal on membership through my district. It only costs me about $20 if I split a membership with my work wife.