Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the 7th day of Christmas

that my district gave to me:
  1. Got my grades for my first semester of Grad school. I got an A- in Instructional Design and a B in Learning Theories. I got a 92% on the final in learning theories, the one that I felt I did really good in, which I'm happy about. What brought me down to a B was not engaging in the online discussions for the class (and I probably should have studied for the quizzes once or twice). But that's ok, I'm happy with the grades. Except that Gibb did just ever so slightly better in both classes. A and a B+, respectively. It could be because she, well, studied and even got online for the discussions more than the one time I did. That's ok, I don't begrudge her her grades. Not at all *%##&*.
  2. Watched some more of the 7th season of CSI
  3. Paid my bills for January. Since we get paid on the last school day of the month, I got my December paycheck (which pays the January bills) on the 20th. I've been sitting on an entire month's pay for the last week, just waiting for it to get close to the end of the month to pay my bills. Yeah, it usually makes only 23 cents difference in interest, but hey, that's 23 cents!
  4. Did some laundry.

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