Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the 3rd day of Christmas

that my district gave to me,

  1. Did laundry.
  2. Watched the "Berverly Hillbillies" and "Andy Griffeth Show" DVD's I got at the Granite High Christmas dinner. I discovered something weird, that I had noticed on another old TV show DVD before. For some reason the opening song for both shows was different, just some generic music. Makes me think that the rights to those songs are seperate from the rights for the shows themselves. Now, I would have thought that if you had the rights to produce the TV shows on DVD, that the shows theme son g would come along with it. For some reason this seems not to be true. Anybody know why?
  3. Lunch @ Sizzler with Adele and then we went to get the Wal-Mart before Christmas experience. No, we didn't buy anything, would have had to sit in line for half an hour or so. We just walked around and soaked up the ambiance.
  4. Went over to Dan & Rae's house and watched "Transformers". Good movie. Wish one of my cars would transform and drive itself. Heck, I'd even take Bumblebee after he transformed into the newer, concept Camaro.

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