Monday, December 24, 2007

On the 4th day of Christmas

that my district gave to me:
  1. Lounged around the house until 3 pm.
  2. Ran the video for the 4:00 service at Good Shepherd.
  3. Went over to A&M's house to exchange presents eat Gnocchi and Pastichata, visit with the family and watch some TV. As always, had a great time with the family, but Amy & I set off to see who could out-blog each other regarding the family get together. She got a picture of me carrying my grand-niece's pink make-up kit, but I got all the Bubba-Claus pictures. Ahhh, who knows, she might even rate better than "Junior High" on the blogchter scale. If you want to see all my pictures, and the ones from Rachel's birthday party, click HERE.
  4. Had a debate with myself as to whether Utah drivers are a) insane, b) dumb as rocks, c) suicidal or d) homicidal. On the way to Alex's house, during the height of the storm, some moron in a Nissan decides that driving within a couple feet of my back bumper is going to get him where he is going faster. Then on the way home from Alex's some doofus in a Lexus SUV does the same thing. Having been rear-ended before, it makes me a little nervous being followed closely on slick, icy roads. I slowed down to 10 MPH, and with the Lexus even flipped on my hazards, and still they didn't get the hint. Are they too stupid to remember that snowy = slick = can't stop so fast? Do they not care? Do they want to die or kill someone? I dunno, but it sure sucks all the fun out of driving in those conditions.


K said...

Hi there,

Would you happen to have the recipe for the pastichata? I have been looking for one everywhere and can't find it.



Max said...

K, pastichata is really just a by-product of making really good tomato sauce. You just make a BIG pot of your favorite recipe for spaghetti sauce, get a pound or two of the cheapest cut of beef you can get, brown it on both sides and then simmer it in the sauce for about 3 or 4 hours, or until it peels apart. Mmmmm, good.