Thursday, December 20, 2007

Opening up a can

*** Hoping you have ***
*** a relaxing Christmas ***
So I send out a mass e-mail across the Granite School District, wishing everyone I work & worked with a relaxing break (sending out this picture that Lisa (my sister) sent me). I get back from Gibb (my Granite Park work-wife) a comment about having work-wife #1's birthday listed and not hers. So of course, now I have to add hers to the list.
(which, by the way : Happy Birthday Gibb!)
Now, I just need work wife #2, from Brockbank, to, um, remind me of her birthday, and then I can have all 3 on here. Would be really amusing if it happened to be in December too. Anyways, we'll see.
It's actually been a good week at school this week. Not only was it a 4 day week, but since the kids in my Web Page class helped haul old computers to the pallets to be crushed, and set up the new computers, we had a pizza party for them. I didn't want grease all over the computers, so we held it in what used to be the student lounge, Now it's where we have the dances and other such activities. The room's big enough to kick around a soccer ball, so of course they were. I told them to be careful, that if they broke anything the game would be over (can you see it coming?) The Drivers Ed class was right across the hall, and since they were watching a movie, 4 or 5 of them had made their way into the room my class was in - to play soccer because the pizza was gone by then. One wall is a big bank of windows, and around the top of the 12ft + high walls are a bank of fluorescent lights behind glass. Yeah, the windows were fine. About 10 minutes before class was over someone kicked the ball just right, it went wild, across the room and smashed into one of the lights. You could hear the CRACK of the sonic boom as the Drivers Ed kids headed back to their class. My class, on the other hand, just stood around with a look of doom on their faces. I told them to clean up the mess and that I'd take care of the rest. Told the head janitor that one of the lights in the student lounge had gotten broken and he just looks at me and asks "Hit it with the ball, huh?" Uh, yeah. Said he'd take care of it for me, and I thanked him profusely. Then at the end of the day yesterday the principal and her secretary came around to give each of the kids a brand new Granite High School hoodie. Seems some parent had anonymously donated enough money to buy every single student a new hoodie. Cool. We got them in my Psychology class, and one of the kids says, looking around at all the students in blue matching hoodies, "this is just to get us in uniforms, huh?". No, but observant, and funny.


Jo said...

Thanks for making me feel important dear! Have a great weekend resting and I was serious when I said the holiday would be merrier with Rossi at the padres! :)

A Paperback Writer said...

Cool parent. What a nice Christmas present.