Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 1st day of Christmas

that my district gave to me:

Well, we have 12 days off from school for the "Non-denominational Winter Solstice", so as annoying as it may get, I'm going to create a 12 days of Christmas thing here. That means that I intend to post every day all the mundane things I do every one of the 12 days we're off from school. Ok, take that back. I won't be posting EVERYTHING. That would be, well, kinda gross. But maybe just the highlights. Like today.
  1. I actually had to go back to school to meet with the lady in charge of Ken Garff's Keys to Success program. Since I'm the "Key Contact" for Granite High School, I get to get things going as soon as we get back to school. And I get to keep track of everything. Yeah, fun! One more thing for me to do. That's one of the problems with a small school like ours - there's a lot fewer people to spread out all the responsibilities.
  2. Got the windows of the LTD tinted. Not the convertible, since the only time I ever roll them up is when I park it for the winter under the circus tent. For the 4 door. I got them tinted as dark as legal for the state of Utah, real dark on the back windows, not so much on the front doors. It's still got to settle, so it doesn't look perfect yet, but he said it should take about 5 days to completely dry. He also said that one of the other tinters wanted to know if I was interested in selling it. Yeah, right. Maybe when Satan has his own ski resort. I told him that I had just bought it, and was planning on keeping it for a while.
  3. Got a new tripod for the camera. The old one was a real cheapie. Check this link and you'll see what I mean. It came out looking like pretty cool, kind of like the beginning of King of the Hill, but wasn't intended to be.


General Chaos said...

Hmmm... looked at the link, obviously you are out of school and have too much time on your hands now... stayed up all night for that, eh?
Obviously Gato decided to join in too...

Can't wait to see what else you do with your time.... ehehe

A Paperback Writer said...

Gee, I shoveled snow and cleaned the house.

A Paperback Writer said...

You should've dropped over to Heidi the Hick's virtual Christmas party. It's very amusing.
Actually, it's still going on (quite a party....), so drop over (and take your virtual blue LTD with you because Heidi wants to see it) and say hi at
Sorry I can't link.

Max said...

Well, Chaos, you just never know where I'll end up. Stansbury Island, Tooele, maybe Delle even. Guess you'll just have to wait and see.
Writer - yeah I had to shovel too. The LTD isn't 4 wheel drive, it never would have made it out of the driveway. I went over to Heidi's party, posted. Didn't get a chance to real all 95 previous posts, but I said Hi and started to mingle. Maybe we'll run into each other there.....