Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let the games begin…


At the end of last school year I took over the technical side of the announcements at my school.  Because we switched from closed circuit TV to intranet streaming to teacher computers, I had some failures and some successes.

And all along the way one of our science teachers, I’ll call him Mr. L, was quick to congratulate our successes, and make fun of our failures.  He even left me a voicemail giving me crap on one of our less successful days.  I downloaded it and played it for the entire school at the beginning of the announcements the next day.  (He hasn’t left any voicemails since.)

This year things have gone relatively smoothly, but he still pokes fun at our small blunders.  We actually get along really well, and have developed a relationship where we willingly partake in giving each other crap when things happen.


On Tuesday Rite-Aid came to our school to give out flu shots to the teachers.  Mr. L got his while I was doing lunch duty, but when I came in to get mine I found out that he has a little phobia of needles.  Seems he came real close to actually passing out when he got his shot.

After I discovered that he wasn’t too embarrassed by his reaction, I decided it was open season.  I sent him an email that contained nothing but this photo:

We then traded notes back and forth a couple of times, both of us using words and phrases like needling me, poking fun, taking jabs and any other similar euphemism we could think of.  He was demanding an apology, I was giving him back-handed ones.

Then, during one of my classes, one of his students showed up and handed me this: (click on it to enlarge it to read)

I sent back a tootsie roll, with a post-it note with this on it:

After school I brought him his soda and we had a few laughs over the whole thing.


Karen S. said...

I'd say all in good pun or fun here, except I'm thinking you're just having serious playful fun/puns and I'm not so sure about his hidden (meanie) motives...perhaps he's afraid of needles for good reasons...he seems, not that I'm a head doctor by any means...but his moves seem text book C.S.I material (as one of the evil doers!) Hopefully all will be good now...but like my momma always said after the laughter comes the tears!

Lisa Shafer said...

Glad you're having fun with this faculty!

Rita said...

So Glad that you enjoy your job. Sounds like a lifetime friend is in the making.

Alexia said...

It sounds like good fun - but i sense a real bit of needling going on... on both sides, maybe? :)

We have a horrible feud going on in our staff at the moment - well, it's been going on for a couple of years almost. Not pleasant.

Max Sartin said...

I left my first school, starting my vagabond career, because of faculty feuding. It got so bad that, after a civil conversation in the hall with an opposing teacher, one of my students asked "So, which side of the faculty civil war are you on?"