Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just doesn’t sound right.

My painting project is done.  Up close you can tell that it was the first car I ever painted, it’s far from perfect.  But I did learn a lot.  Like if you’re going to spend $400 for a gallon of paint, don’t use a $80 house paint sprayer to spray it on.  Like over spray gets e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

But I’m happy with it, I really like the color I picked, and unless you’re up close it looks pretty good.  And although it’s no longer green, I think I’m going to keep the name “Big Green”.  Mainly because “Big Brown” conjures up bad connotations.  Although my niece did have a brown car she called “The Poo” and I always thought that was cool.

Anyway, here it is, before and after.

And just in case you didn’t believe it was the same car…

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Lisa Shafer said...

Ah, I'll miss the green. Maybe you should rename it something brown positive. Like "Devil's Food" or some other chocolate reference --- although many of them sound too feminine, like "Chocolate Chip" or "Cocoa Puff." Uh, no. Those wouldn't do.
Well, if it's green and brown, maybe a tree reference would do the trick. But all I can think of are Ent names from Tolkien.
Never mind.
My friend from long ago had a horrid brown Pinto she called The Antichrist -- because it was just that bad.