Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stupid move #3.5943x10^24

You know what happens when you forget to put 2 little drops of oil in those each of those 2 little holes in the power sprayer after cleaning?

Nothing, until you try painting again.  Then this happens:

Instead of coming out in a nice smooth spray, you get some big obnoxious globules of paint in with the even spray.  Ok, maybe they’re not that big, about ¼ inch or so (the size of the gap between the hood and the fender), but splatted on an otherwise smooth painting of the hood of a car, they look like the Grand Tetons.

The back was done before I ran out of paint and had to go out and get more, cleaning the painter before I left.  Now I have to sand down the hood and paint it all over again.

But that’s ok, I was going to put 2 coats on anyway, now it’s just going to end up being 3.  And since I rearranged it so the car has the whole garage to itself, the painting goes pretty smoothly (as long as I remember to properly prepare the sprayer.)


Lisa Shafer said...

Hey, the part without the globs is looking nice, though. Is it just the photo, or does the new paint have a touch of metallic sparkle in it? I can't wait to see the finished product!

(PS. I can relate to how you feel when you thought you were done but you found mistakes. Yeah. I'm really tired of editing the same book over and over, but I keep finding little "globs" that I didn't notice earlier.)

Max Sartin said...

Thanks, hopefully it will all look that good when I'm done. The paint does have a touch of metallic sparkle to it, although the picture does bring it out a lot more than you see normally.

I've never thought of literary globules, funny stuff.

Karen S. said...

It's looking amazing! Hopefully you got out to smell the fresh clean air this weekend too! :)

Lisa Shafer said...

Factoid of the day: Did you know that your birthday not only coincides with independence day in Thailand, but that it is also Butch Cassidy's birthday?
Just thought you'd like to know.

Max Sartin said...

I knew about the Thai New Year connection, and heard somewhere that they celebrate by having big water fights. My kind of New Year.
But I wasn't aware of Butch Cassidy having the same birthday. Cool!