Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day Fun

I took Old Blue out for his weekly drive and as I was driving through Sugarhouse Park it caught the eye of a kid about 8 or 9 years old.

As I came up next to him, he started running on the grass along the side of the road yelling “I want a car like that, I want a car like that,…”  Since I was in the park I was going pretty slow, he managed to stay up with me for about 6 car lengths.  Yelling all the way.

Before that, I was taking some pictures with the infrared camera, and had to break out the good camera and telephoto lens to get some pictures of this.

Parents, stuffing their kids into big bubble-balls and then pushing them down the hill. 

What is this world coming to, and why didn’t anyone think of this when I was a kid?

Anyone else think that looks a lot like what NASA used when they dropped the first Mars rovers on the planet?

Picture courtesy of NASA

And some say funding for space exploration has no practical applications.


Lisa Shafer said...

I agree: how come no one thought of this before I injured my back and wouldn't dare try it????

Karen S. said...

See absolutely it does. What a neat thing, it would work well even without a hill. As long as someone is willing to roll them around! What great family long as they don't get too dizzy! Always a mom has to come up with something to spoil the fun right! :)

Max Sartin said...

Lisa - I could still try it - if I could find one to fit a full-sized adult like me.

Karen - Good thing is it is made of plastic - easily washable if one of the young'uns gets too dizzy on the way down. Also, this is a favorite sledding hill in the winter, it's nice to see it being used for (almost) the same purpose without the snow.

Lisa Shafer said...

Let me know, and I'll be there to push you down the hill. :D

Rita said...

I've seen these at fundraisers and rented for birthday parties.

I agree, I would love to have tried it back when my body was young enough to roll with the punches.