Saturday, September 04, 2010

Twins separated at birth.

My convertible has a twin here in Salt Lake City.  Not an identical twin, since they are not the same automotive gender (make).  Mine’s a Ford, it’s twin a Chevy.  But anyway, Mr. Gearhead got these pictures (of the Chevy) down at the Nissan dealership and sent them to me.

First time in a long time I’ve coveted a Chevrolet.  But how cool would it be to have matching 1970 convertibles, from two different companies?  Of course, it’s a pipe dream, since I don’t have $20 to my name, let alone $20,000. (Unless anyone out there has $20K they want to donate to my obsession?)

Ahhhh, I like dreamin’, ‘cause dreamin’ can make you mine…..

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A Paperback Writer said...

The red interior of your car is much nicer than that orangey red of the chevy.