Thursday, September 09, 2010

Irony is not just for breakfast anymore

I told you about my new classroom, and that I got it from a teacher that I’m friends with that was sent to another school, right?  Well, now you know.  She got sent to the first school I worked at and the science teacher we hang out with and I went up there to visit.

Now, guess what room she was given up there?  Yup, my old room, 306.

The Irony is just mind boggling.


Carmi said...

My wife's a teacher. This glimpse into your world is resonant to me, and I'm glad you shared it.

Makes ya wonder what unanswerable forces are at work!

BTW, I've added you to my sidebar. I dig your view of the world, and am glad we've crossed bloggy paths. Here's to more...

Max said...

Carmi - glad to see you wandered around the place a bit! I told the kids who had the other teacher being in my old room and got a lot of Ooooooohs and comments that the two of us obviously have something going. Yeah, 15 year-olds see the world in a different way.
Thanks for the sidebar add, I got you on mine too.
See ya around, my friend...