Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Life

The Written Inc. photo assignment for this week is “Still Life”.  As defined in the assignment, still life is “If you put it on a table and carefully arrange it so you can take an artsy picture of it, it's still life.”

I’ve never been good at arranging things for pictures, I’ve taken a lot of family portraits, but always left the arranging to other family members.  But I gave it a try this morning, with “morning” as the theme.  The other two pictures I’ve included are still life of a different ilk.  Nothing was arranged, I just snapped a picture of the things as they naturally laid on the table/desk.  The middle picture is of the office desk at the original Free Wheeler Pizza store.  The last picture is also is from my Free Wheeler collection, taken during the remodel of the last Sugarhouse store.  I don’t normally give my pictures titles, but this time you get them.  Just seemed right for this kind of assignment.

“Morning Has Broken””Office” “Remodel”


Carmi said...

I like your approach to arranging. Just compose and let the placement work itself out. Much easier - and more real - that way. And things don't get more real and honest than these three great scenes.

What a delight!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Holy cow, the office one reminds me of what my late husband's desk would look like! and he would still be able to find whatever he wanted... Thanks for stopping by mine..

A Paperback Writer said...

The phone!!!
And the freakin' adding machine!!!
Wow. Now that's a trip back in time.

I have one retro photo -- and some rather cheeky ones-- on my post for this.

Max said...

Writer - and did you notice the check imprinter in the upper right hand corner? From back in the day when I did payroll by hand and had to set the imprinter for each check. Now I just plug in hours and hit "print".

The Gearheads said...

I really like the remodel picture. How there is a beer in it at a pizza store, just a reminder of the life in the pizza world.

Max said...

Ah yes, beer in hand, spackle in the other hand. Those were the days. Even better was back in the earlier days when you could walk in to order and see a beer in the hand of each employee. Ahh, the 70's were great!

Karen Sather said...

Morning has broken is welcoming, as for the rest it kind of causes a headache I've seen too many times before...and a bit like how some of my crazy days end up!