Saturday, September 11, 2010

La Derrière Rouge

Ok, so it’s pronounced like beautiful, not your butt, either way I had an enjoyable afternoon with Writer up at  the University of Utah’s Red Butte Garden.  We walked around, talked and took pictures.  Pictures of flowers, bushes, the mountains, buildings and fish.  At the fish pond I bought a handful of food, threw it all in at once and took rapid-fire pictures of the fish response.  (Writer fed them one piece at a time).  It looked pretty funny on the little screen on my camera as we flipped through the pictures so I agreed to make this little video.  It’s real short, less than a minute, so if it’s boring you’ll only waste a few seconds.  Below the video you’ll find a link to the picture gallery with what I considered the best photos.  Hope you enjoy.

Just in case you were wondering, Red Butte is serious when they close their bathrooms.  This is the door to the men’s room, held tight with a huge padlock.  Click on the picture and you’ll see that it is made of thick steel.  I don’t care who you are, you ain’t kicking that thing in!


A Paperback Writer said...

I was moving things around the room while you're blog was loading and merely glanced at the title without reading on..... it took me 10 seconds before the meaning sank in. groan.

The fish video is hilarious! Glad you took my suggestion on that one.
I can't find the link to your other photos, though, and I obviously want to see them.

Max said...

Ok, that was a total DUH moment on my part. I uploaded all the pictures, even added captions to some. Just forgot to add the link on the post.
Well, it's there now :)

A Paperback Writer said...

Ah, thanks.