Sunday, September 26, 2010

Darwin Award for 2010

How many of you out there smoke?  How many of you out there, even if you don’t smoke, know that smoking while pumping gas is, well, just plain stupid?  (Ok, some will argue that even if you’re not pumping gas it’s stupid, but at least death takes a lot longer).

Not this guy.  He gets out of the car with a lit cigarette in his hand, takes a puff off it and starts to walk around the car.  I get on the intercom and say “Welcome to Chevron, smoking is not allowed at the pumps.”  He takes the smoke out of his mouth and sets it on the top of the pump.  Nope, I didn’t forget to say he put it out first, ‘cause he didn’t.  It’s still burning.  You can probably imagine what I wanted to say at this point, but settled for “please extinguish the cigarette.”

I’m still trying to decide if he is suicidal, or just a complete dumbf*&%. 

And talking about idiots, how about this guy.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with a cheesy smile when getting your picture taken, unless it’s your mug shot.  I didn’t look up what he was being arrested for, but this is from a new paper we’re selling at the Chevron called “Busted”.  Some entrepreneur figured he could take all the mug shots off the internet site, publish them in a newspaper and sell them for a buck.  And they sell like hotcakes.  We’ve even had people buy them to see if they are in there yet, or to look up friends.

So, I’m just thinking “Dude, I hope you were arrested for public intoxication, because then you’d have an excuse for that smile”.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Smoking while working with gasoline is even dumber than cleaning your furnace with Lysol spray. (I had a student try that once. Fortunately, he just didn't have eyebrows for a while. It could've been a lot worse.)