Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fencing without a sword.

Between yesterday and today I got the fence put in.  Done.  It took two days because you gotta let the cement dry completely before you start yanking and pushing on the fence getting the boards up.  All in all, it went incredibly smoothly and, you be the judge too, I think it came out looking quite professional. (See second to bottom picture).

Only one thing of note happened.  Yesterday I had the whole frame up, but this morning I had to head down to Home Depot for the fence boards.  I pull up to the cash register with 100 fence boards and the cashier asks me what I’m building.  I tell her that I’m just putting up a fence, and she says that she was half expecting me to say I was building a tree fort.  A tree fort?  Tell me, does that guy in the picture look like the kind of guy who would be playing around in a tree fort?  (Anyone who actually knows me is prohibited from answering that question.  You know that I would, I’m just asking if I look like I would.)  Anyways, I found it kind of amusing and even a compliment. 

But it did get me thinking – where in my yard will I be able to build the tree fort?

This is the official “BEFORE” picture

This is at the end of Stage 1

This is with all the trees and bushes out of the way.

Here you can see the fence’s skeleton.

And the final product, fence wise.  I still have a lot of cleaning up and leveling to do.

And finally, a worthless screw.


The Gearheads said...

Now that is funny. Mind if I use your useless screw? Well, actually just the picture of it. At least you didn't get a box of those.


Max said...

It was only one out of several thousand. Feel free to use any pictures on my blogs, I just ask that you keep a tag on them.

A Paperback Writer said...

The term "worthless screw" just really leaves you open for comments.....
So, is your next project a tree house? (Yes, I can see you doing that, but your porch/balcony already sort of serves the purpose. Maybe you could add to the balcony and make it more tree-housey.

Max said...

Yeah, I kind of worded it that way on purpose, see what kind of comments I get. As for the tree house, there really isn't a good place to put one in my yard, but I like the idea of making the back balcony more tree-housey. Yeah, gonna have to contemplate that one.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

You may or may not look like the tree fort type - but you are funny enough and down to earth enough to be one!

Max said...

Thanks! And even if I do look the type, that's not a bad thing.

Jannx said...

Your fence looks great!!! You are quite the handyman.

Max said...

Jannx, thanks, I learned it the hard way - trial and error. I had the basics from watching/helping my dad and his brother build our cabin in New Hampshire, and when he did things around the house. But despite that, like with the leaky roof on the porch, I've spent a lot of time (and money) trying different things seeing if they worked. Still been less expensive than having a contractor do it all.