Thursday, August 12, 2010

Duped, the Saga continues…

I got a call from one of my coworkers today, he said something about running into the same pre-paid Visa card that I got scammed with so I dropped by the store on my way home from a friend’s house.

I can’t tell for sure if it’s the same guy, but he came in tonight and tried to pull the same scam as they got away with on Saturday.  My coworker told me he came up to the front counter with a couple bags of trail mix, one of our phone cards and the Visa card and said he wanted to buy these.  My coworker picked up the Visa card and told the guy “We don’t sell these here, someone already pulled this scam on us and, just so you know, we called the police and reported it.”  The guy said “Oh, really?” and then turned around and walked out to talk to his girlfriend, or whatever she is.

My coworker said that the girlfriend came back in, kind of looked around and he thinks she was looking to see if the Visa card had been hung up back on the rack.  Apparently not the brightest bulbs in the pack, they had expected that we would take the fraudulent card and put it up on the rack where “he found it.”  It’s sitting safely on the desk in the (locked) office.

This made my day.  Not only does this mean that other staff members* have learned from my experience, but it also means that this group** knows that it didn’t take long to figure out that they were up to no good and what had happened, and that we weren’t going to let it happen again.  Hopefully they aren’t total idiots and that means they will give up on trying it on us again.
* (and eventually all the crews in all our stores, according to the manager)
** (I’m assuming if it’s not the same guy that they are in cahoots together, since it was the exact same M.O.)

My coworker did get a not-so-good picture of the culprits, which I used some digital enhancing programs ala CSI to clean up.

Non enhanced picture of the culprits: Enhanced picture of the culprits:

DISCLAIMER: Second picture is for satirical purposes only.  I in no way endorse the idea that the Senator is a criminal or has committed fraud against my place of employment, or any other convenience store for that matter.  In fact, the only fraud I would ever accuse him of is in his capacity as a duly elected representative of the Great State of Utah.


Pedro said...

Excellent disclaimer. Although all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

A Paperback Writer said...

Photo retouching: LOL -- really. :D

So this guy or one of his buddies actually came back to the same store to try the same trick again???!!!!! What kind of idiot does that?!

Hey, but at least you know the employee was ready for him. Yea!

Max said...

Pedro - thanks. I learned a lot hanging around you while you were getting your degree.
Writer - that's what I thought - coming back to the same store so soon. But they probably didn't figure we'd catch on until the bill came and the manager asked "What the hell is this $105.95 charge all about?" ($5.95 processing fee). They probably had no clue that the whole time they were standing in front of me I was trying to figure out what the scam was.

Jannx said...

Wow, they were either very arrogant or very stupid.

Max said...

My guess is that they really didn't think we'd figure it out until the bill from the processing company came through and the manager discovered things didn't match up.
If I'm right, then they still fall under the "stupid" category for not realizing how obvious it was they were up to something.