Monday, August 30, 2010

I know I never told any student they were worthless…

Got this in an email a while back.  I have no idea who it came from, except that his name was John. 

Subject: Remember me Rossi?
Date: 5/21/2010 1:33 PM

Well I think I proved you wrong... I actually did something with my life rather then being a high school teacher or something lamer just kidding, but seriously. I make $4,000,000.00 a year or more in profits. Drive a BMW M6 with twin Turbos, modified dynotuned computer, a body kit and carbon fiber body. I live in a Luxury Loft In Los Angeles (NoHO 14). I have a house in the Philippines. I own a Multimedia Distribution company, co-owner of 100 medical marijuana clinics in Southern California each clinic makes about $120,000.00 (split 8 ways) a year. I also own a cultivation farm in Humboldt county, I own commercial property I lease out. I run raves. Wow who would of imagined a liberal who went to school with a bunch of non-liberals in Utah to make so much money. I have a Russian Girl friend too her name is Alyssa (lyubit sosat). Maybe democrats are better at running business then republicans can imagine. 20 years old no degree and don't plan on getting one. LOL.

The first thing that came to mind was BFD.  Good for you, if any of it is true, I’m glad that you made it big.  Then it occurred to me that this student didn’t know me too well.  Liberal vs. non-liberal, Democrat vs. Republican, with the implication that liberal Democrat kicked butt on the doubting non-liberal Republicans.

Um, glad you’re doing well, but it doesn’t prove me wrong and those political slurs don’t effect me at all.  (If you really want me to feel bad, send me a tenth of that $4 million so I can pay off my mortgage.  Then I’ll feel real bad.)

Oh, and if you wanted me to remember you, might have been nice to have given me a name. 


A Paperback Writer said...

If even a small part of this were true, the kid would've given you a name. Plus not a whole lot of it is likely. Sure, the guy who started Domino's was a bus driver with no degree, but he had sense. The writer of this e-mail has obviously proved he does not, and it is, therefore, complete bull puckey.

Here's an e-mail I got from a parent today:
"[name of child] was not absent on august 23 you checked her planner and said it was the best so far and most filled out"

First of all, I hadn't marked the girl absent. Secondly, I had to read the e-mail four freakin' times to figure out what it meant. Thirdly, it was really, really tempting to e-mail the parent back with "Please re-write this using complete sentences and punctuation, and THEN I'll talk to you." But I didn't give in to temptation.

A Paperback Writer said...

Sorry, the connection between my two comments was that the author of the e-mail to you, regardless of his "success," still can't spell, punctuate, or make himself sound half-way intelligent in an e-mail. If he really had all that money, he'd also have a secretary to write his e-mails so he didn't sound like a twit with no education. He would also have enough sense not to write e-mails himself if he'd made it to the top without an education.
Once again, more proof that it's pretty dang stupid.

Max said...

Yeah, I laughed. I cried. But I'm still hoping to get that $400,000 in the mail.

Chris said...

Hey Rossi! Remember me? I don't remember a single thing from your class. Granted it was eight years ago. I think you talked about the quadratic formula a lot. Not that it matters, I've taken a lot of math beyond that so I'm sure it helped somewhat. Bet you won't believe this, but I'm doing something with my life that's pretty lame (if you consider not making money lame! LOL)! I'm a chemist! Who decides to go through school and get a BS that, in industry, leads them to making less than a high school teacher!? Me, that's who!

I don't do anything special. I do send stuff that has been dissolved in low concentrations of HNO3 through a 7000K plasma and see what's inside though! LOL. Could probably even see that that carbon fiber is riddled with alkaline impurities that cause electrophilic reactions to take place in the polymer, causing instability in the material!

21 years old and still working on a degree! Hoping I can get one! LOL

Do I win a prize?

Jannx said...

Interesting entry. I'm going to agree with Paperback. I would have sent a reply with a "congratulations, but (sorry), I don't remember you" type of reply.

Max said...

Chris - I remember you, and thanks for the comments. Good to see that you chose a carer that you liked, not just for the money. To me, lame is picking a job just because of the amount of money you can make. If you like the work, enjoy what you are doing, despite the pay, whether good or bad, that certainly not lame. And congratulations on your continued work towards a higher degree. Continuing to learn, in life or at a university, is anything but lame.
Good luck.

Jeff said...

This is the funniest thing I've ever read. The kid can't even use proper punctuation but somehow accumulated 4,000,000 dollars by the age of 20? He thought you were a hardcore conservative? Yeah.

Chris said...

I was being fairly sarcastic. :) While I won't be making a ton of money, I'll be able tolive comfortably, and I love the field! It's very interesting! A lot of fun, to me at least.

The Gearheads said...

"Do I win a prize?"

So Max, did Chris get extra credit in your class for being a smartass? Or is this one of his continuing education classes?


A Paperback Writer said...

And notice that Chris can punctuate his own sentences....

Max said...

Jeff - No, really, I am a hardcore conservative. Well, maybe if I moved back to Massachusetts, land of the Kennedys. But in Utah? Senator Bob Bennett lost his job for being too liberal, and Orrin Hatch is in fear of losing his for that reason too. Glad you found it as funny as I did. :)
Chris - that's the beauty of it, you, as I did, picked a career that we would enjoy rather than would make us rich. More power to ya.
Mr. Gearhead - is that a "He who dies with the most toys wins." reference? And I didn't give Chris extra credit, but he did make me laugh.