Saturday, August 28, 2010

If you’re going to throw away embarrassing pictures…

make sure they go in the garbage.

I don’t go dumpster diving for things to blog about, which means that I found this on the ground with other garbage that someone decided there was no reason to waste the calories walking the 5 steps to the nearest trash can (there is almost nowhere that is more than 5 steps from a trash can at our Chevron).  Much easier to just let it fall to the ground and leave it there.  Which makes it fair game for my blog fodder.

I’ve heard that mullets are coming back in, according to one of the regulars at Chevron that is a hair stylist.  But what about mullets and the entire denim family wardrobe?

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A Paperback Writer said...

It's not the denim; it's the mullet. Mullets are equal opportunity offenders, as they look bad with everything. Jeans, tuxedo, bathing suit -- it doesn't matter. The mullet is still ugly with everything and on everyone. No one of either gender, any sexual persuasion, any race, any age looks good with a mullet. Even poodles look stupid with mullets.
The only hairstyle that even comes close in sheer hideousness is that retro bad 80s thing that girls are doing again where they backcomb the back of their hair into an egg shape so their skulls look like something out of the final Indiana Jones movie.