Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Almost Normal.

According  to my doctor, I’m almost normal again.  Of course he’s a medical doctor, not a mental health doctor, so what does he know.  Just that my A1C levels are doing great.  When I was first tested my A1C was 6.9, where 7.0 makes you officially diabetic.  Through the help of modern pharmaceuticals and a drastic change in diet (low carb, no sugar) I tested at 5.9 today, where 5.7 is on the high end of normal.  So at least blood sugar level-wise, I’m almost normal.  He was also really impressed with my blood pressure and heart rate.  (So, I can have all the salt I want.  Just no mashed potatoes to put under it).

As for mental health, there’s no A1C type test for that so you can never prove anything…

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