Saturday, August 28, 2010

TR•3 to the rescue.

I’ve been using TR• 3 to shine up my cars since I was in high school.  I never thought I’d be suing it on my headlights.  One of the drawbacks of newer cars is that they have model-specific plastic headlights.  Used to be if one of your headlights got broken, cracked or scratched you would go to the nearest car parts store, cough up $6 and get a new one.  Until sometime in the 80’s there were 2 choices: round 2 headlight systems and round 4 headlight systems.  Whichever system, no matter what car you drove the lights were the exact same.  Exact.  The 80’s doubled our choices.  Round 2 and round 4 light systems, or now rectangular 2 or rectangular 4 light systems.  You needed to know three things maximum to get a new headlight: round or rectangular, 2 or 4 lights and, only if you had 4 lights, high beam or low beam.

Now, they’re a lot more expensive.  Mainly because new headlights (not the bulbs, that plastic outer cover that gets broken or scratched) are car specific.  Model specific and to some extent, year specific.  So for Subaru headlights, you pretty much have to go to Subaru and order them from the factory.  I think mine are only good for the Subaru Impreza, and only good for 2 model years.

Which comes to my point.  You don’t just go out and get a new one when it gets cracked or scratched, or more commonly, kind of gets milky and blurry. (Click on picture to get a good look).  So, I’ve been driving around for 3 years (car’s only 6 years old) with milky headlights and feeling like I can’t afford to fix the problem.

Dat, da da!  The Gearheads and TR• 3 to the rescue.  I found out that you can actually just wax them and they can come back looking good as new.  You can even buy special headlight wax at your local car parts store, but the Gearheads suggested trying TR• 3, and today I did.  Click on the picture and see how well it worked.

The other thing I did today was clean my house.  I hate a messy house, even though it often is.  Today it was bad.  All this week I literally came home from work (Wed & Fri it was 2 jobs) and went to bed.  Despite being annoyed by the mess, cleaning was the last thing from my mind.  Today cleaning had to happen, and here are some more before & after pictures to show you that I didn’t sleep through the entire day:


A Paperback Writer said...

Yeah, my house got pretty cluttered this week, too. This was mostly because I'd drag in from school and think, "Do I really want to sort through this mail right now? Nyah." So, although I scrubbed pots and did all the vacuuming and sweeping today, there's still a big pile of mail on my living room table.
Maybe tomorrow.

Hey, do you still wanna go to Red Butte Garden sometime? I was up there today for awhile, but the wind was making it too hard to get good pics.

Max said...

Red Butte Gardens - absolutely. Maybe next weekend?
That's the other thing I forgot to mention - the mail. I went through the mail today too, although U didn't do the vacuuming or sweeping. Didn't get to the laundry either. Like you - maybe tomorrow.