Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook, what is it?

Pedro, of The World According to Pedro, wrote the post What is Facebook?.  Having an account that I visit less often than Utah Republicans make sense, his post lured me back to it today. 

I had 42 friend requests, and only about 3 of them were from Bambi and her friends that want me to check out the pictures on their websites.  The rest were real people that I actually know.  Half a dozen family members, some co- and ex-co- workers, ex students from Granite High, a few friends from the Free Wheeler days,  a couple high school pals and one ex-student from 15 years ago.  Except for Bambi, Kandi and Honi, I accepted them all as friends.

The moral of this story?  Just that I should check my facebook page more often, or they should get used to checking here instead.  But like I said in response to Pedro’s post, I don’t have the time and energy to follow up on things here AND on facebook, and I much prefer being blogmaster.  And ignoring this blog for my facebook isn’t the way to become a “Blog of Note”.

So, here it is I will remain, facebook will be my electronic wasteland.


A Paperback Writer said...

I get requests for facebook friends all the time -- and I don't even have a facebook page. The requests are e-mailed and end up as spam either in my home e-mail or at school.
What? You aren't going to sign on as one of the 9,000,000+ "friends" of Lady Gaga? (She who has more friends than anyone else on facebook.)

A Paperback Writer said...

Word verification: packsm -- the R-rated version of Packman that your mom wouldn't let you near.

Jannx said...

Hello Max. I think we are in the same boat. A part of me does want to join Facebook, but another part doesn't.

There is something a bit too big brother(ish) about Facebook that is a bit unsettling.

However, it could just be my imagination.

Max said...

I like the people on facebook who boast about how many 'friends' they have. Are they really friends? If your car broke down (like mine did today), how many of them could you call that would actually come and help? How many of them ever were the kind of friend that you could call and would come and help? (I have a few facebook 'friends' that at one point were that close, but because it was 15 years ago and they live 500+ miles away it's no longer true). 9 million friends my butt. Can you say "9 million stalkers"?