Friday, June 05, 2009

This is it....

The final day of 103 years of Granite High School, the second high school in the Salt Lake Valley. Channel 2 news has us closed down already, I just saw on their newscast that we closed our doors yesterday. Hmmm, maybe I should believe them and not go in today. Yeah. My principal would kill me.
Anyhoo, as of 11:30 today I will no longer be a high school teacher, I will rejoin the ranks of the junior high teacher. Which is ok with me, since at any other high school in my district teachers have a crapload of after school activities that they are all responsible for. Coach this, that club, dances, concerts and plays, oh my! Bleah! So, chapter 4 of my teaching career comes to a close, and chapter 5 starts Monday morning at 9am when all the math teachers from the elementary schools, junior highs meet with the math teachers from the high school we all feed into. It's called Vertical Teaming, and helps coordinate the skills students learn from one level to the next. I did this in chapter 2 of my career with the junior high and high school math teachers out in Magna.
I expect it will be an interesting day today. I'll let you know.
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Jannx said...

Good Luck on your next chapter. I hope the surprise plot twists are kept to a minimum.