Sunday, June 14, 2009

I just don't know what to say....

It's 11:00 at night and I've been strolling around the blogosphere looking for something interesting. I found this instead;
(Found on the "On The Front Porch" blog, and just in case you're wondering if this is some sort of joke, it's not. According to Google Maps, Red House Furniture really does exist. I even went to their homepage and they had their own link to this commercial. Go figure.)
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Jannx said...

I'm almost speechless. I had to Google this ad. I came up with the following:

"Rhett&Link are a North Carolina-based comedy duo consisting of life-long best friends, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. They are best known for their internet videos and are self-proclaimed "Internetainers".

I'm sure the furniture company is real. I'm sure it isn't hard to get people to say almost anything to get on camera. As for the personal beliefs of the "personalities", I'm sure it isn't too far off the mark. If you check the "behind the scenes" redhouse ad, you can see the guys "prompting" the actors about what to say.

Anonymous said...

Wow I don't even know what to say... Except I've been to High Point, NC and not everyone there is that scary! lol

Max said...

FT - that explains a lot.