Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Now for something completely unexpected.

.....Teacher dreams.  They usually happen in the weeks before school starts, a remnant of the nightmares between my first and second years of teaching.  Classes are completely out of control and everything I do just makes things worse.  Sometimes the principal or vice comes in and just shake their heads.  No fun, caused by the anxiety of not knowing how the new year will go.
.....I had one last night, it just wasn't usual at all.  I was back at the high school, it was yesterday, the Monday right after school got out.  Everyone was there; teachers, students, counselors and administration.  Teachers were in their rooms surrounded by students doing their work.  The librarian was tearing down bookcases, while students were working on the computers there.  No students were out of control, no adiminstrators shocked at my inability to manage a classroom, just the usual joking around and having a good time.  And we all knew that we shouldn't be there - that the school had been closed.  Anybody want to analyze that?
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A Paperback Writer said...

I believe the official Jungian interpretation would be "guess what's been on your mind for the last couple of months? so guess what you're dreaming about?"
Nothing even Freudian going on with this one....

Max said...

Personally, I think it has to do with an inner struggle between my libido and superego caused by unresolved issues during puberty. Either that or my daddy refused to buy me a motorbike for my 15th birthday.