Tuesday, June 02, 2009

DMV OK with Me

Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) employees have a reputation for being surly workers.  After 54 vehicles in my lifetime, with four currently registered cars, I've spent a lot of time in lines there.  Overall their reputation is undeserved, and my latest experience there reaffirms this.
I went to register the convertible yesterday.  No big deal, except the registration expired back in July of 2008.  I knew this meant that I would have to re-register the car again in a month or so - I should have only been able to register the car until July of 2009.  The lady who was helping me commented on this, and asked me why I hadn't registered the car earlier.  When I explained that it was a classic convertible and spent the last year in the garage, she went to get her manager so that she coule bump up the registration.  That means that they pretty much forgave me the whole year between July 2008 and now and registered the car until June of 2010, at no extra cost.  SCORE!
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