Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Rose.

rosesmallI got a rose for Valentine’s Day today. 

From the love of my life?  No.

From the future love of my life?  No.

Nope, I got one from a student, and here‘s what the card said:


Yeah, what a wonderful holiday.


Lisa Shafer said...

S/he spelled "you're" correctly!
Give the kid extra credit for sure!

Max Sartin said...

I know. I'm so used to seeing "your awesome" that I didn't understand what they were saying at first.

Karen S. said...

Like we learned since thankful for all that we're given!...and I think it's just very sweet! Especially in their busy worlds! It sure is the THOUGHT that COUNTS MOST!

Alexia said...

Ha! Very cool. Love those little tributes ;)

Max Sartin said...

Karen - Yes, definitely. I take it as a compliment that they took the time and spent the money to send it to me. Those are the little things that keep me loving my job.
Alexia - Yup. Those are the kinds of things that make showing up every day worth it.