Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring had sprung. For a day.

Got out of school, rolled down the windows and drove home.  Got home, saw the outdoor thermometer, February 22nd and it’s 60° out there,

and I opened the windows to air out the house.

Winter is not my favorite season.  It’s cold.  Daylight is limited.  The house is all shuttered up and feels stale.

Spring is great, open the house air it out, days are longer and the temperature is all but perfect.

Summer is wonderful.  The swamp cooler runs 24/7.  The daylight is long and makes it almost to 10 PM.  Night temperatures are wonderful.

I love fall, except for it being the harbinger of winter.

But at least it is common in Utah to occasionally get these nice warm days during the winter so I can air out the house.

Ahhhhh, smells nice.


Lisa Shafer said...

Warm before the storm, buddy. It's supposed to snow tonight.

Max Sartin said...

Oh yeah, I know. That's why the "For a day" in the title.

Karen S. said...

BUT!!! But it's spring today right! In our neck of the snowless winter we did have a bit of the white stuff..but our yesterday was also "open what ever window opens around here"...and when I drove in the garage last night it was step out and notice it's melthing, but that sky at nearly 6 well into the evening dinner time....was can you believe that another touch of spring time? Reading your post is like telling my own thoughts...and what I dislike about fall....enjoy the gentle breeze. I bet your boys liked it too! meow!...purr....purr!

Lisa Shafer said...

And, as it turns out, you got it for 2 days. We sure didn't get that storm today, did we?

Karen S. said...

and you know what else has sprung? Saturday Centus ...I hope you want to play along again this week...I know the ladies will love it....! It can be about any chair too....!