Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Good Groceries Gone

I’ve known of it’s existence since I moved to Salt Lake City in 1974, though it opened up way back in 1942.  It was just around the corner from the Junior High I went to that year for 9th grade, and my parents often went there when they wanted specialty meats and cheeses.

In 2010, thanks to the “Great Recession”, Emigration Market closed it’s doors.  Yeah, it’s been reopened by one of our local chains, Harmon’s, and from what I hear they have done a good job of keeping it’s unique atmosphere, but it is no longer a truly independent store.  At way too fast a rate, those kind of stores are becoming a thing of the past.  Sad.

When we heard about it’s closing, before we knew it wasn’t going to be leveled for a subdivision, Writer and I had to go get some pictures of it, so when I saw this weeks Thematic Photographic theme I immediately thought of those pictures.

I’m glad the building is still there, still serving this neighborhood.  I’m also glad that a chain is sensitive enough to their clientele to at least attempt to keep the flavor of the independent grocer.  But it’s still Harmon’s Emigration Market. 

Inside the courtyard, taken through the gates.  Not sure what that pile of stuff is, but it certainly looks like it was just dumped there on the way out.

The sun set on our little photo shoot, and we said goodbye and headed home.

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A Paperback Writer Photos said...

Uh, Max? These are great pics. But I wasn't there. Seriously.

Max Sartin said...

Huh, now I'm perplexed. I know I didn't go alone, and it's usually you that I go photo shooting with. Well, glad you like the pictures at least.

Bob Scotney said...

At least it hasn't become another souless supermarket! (Yet)

Karen S. said...

Oh I love a good mystery! Now who was this mysterious woman, (that was too easy to forget?) So Max think really hard because inquiring minds need the rest of this story! Seriously! I do like you photo-shoot-story though, of that infamous family biz always just around the corner from doom...these days right.... now back to this mysterious woman????

Max Sartin said...

Bob - Thanks, and I'm hoping it doesn't.
Karen - I think it could be my other English teacher friend. We go check out things like that too, but usually she isn't into photography like Writer and I are. Which is probably why I assumed it was Writer instead. Maybe.

Karen S. said...

Max, I don't think your link on Carmi's blog is working...when I clicked on your "here's mine" it just gave me Carmi's blog....if a person clicks on your name, there's a whole lot of blogs before they get to this one...check it out so people don't miss this!

Max Sartin said...

Karen - Thanks, I fixed it.