Sunday, February 19, 2012

1 Dead Duck

Got up this morning and it was a little bit chilly out.

But I decided to go out and get some pictures of the Westminster construction, despite the cold, because of the new snow.

Then I went over to the park and saw the hill alive with sledders,

the birds flying,

the water flowing,

and the “High Water” sign still up, despite the level being well below normal.

I noticed the Animal Control vehicles driving around the park and finally meeting up in front of the pond.

I was hooked, curious about what was going on.  I watched as one guy grabbed a net and headed out to the center of the pond with a police officer.  The officer remained on solid ground,

while the animal control guy waded out into the muck and water, coming real close to slipping and falling a couple of times.

He reached out and scooped up a dead duck,

headed back to solid ground,

met up with the police officer,

and headed back to the vehicles.

What the deal with the dead duck was, I have no idea.  Why it took 3 Animal Control vehicles and one Police Officer, I don’t know.  I was freezing by this time, so I just headed home.

And saw this idiot driving up 1300 East on the way.

Seriously, dude.  You could have spent the extra 60 seconds and cleaned off your back window, it wouldn’t have killed you.

And I still have tomorrow off from school.  Nice day.


Lisa Shafer said...

Gorgeous bird shot!

Three animal control vehicles and a cop? For one duck? Geez. I'm surprised they didn't fire up the lights and sirens and call a fire truck as well.

Max Sartin said...

They did have the lights going, just no sirens.

Karen S. said...

Oh I want those mountains! Especially your last photo. how amazing... What a lucky duck, well in death more than life apparently. I agree it seems odd maybe they got a report that it was something other than a dead duck? Bottom line, we get some awesome views of Utah!

Max Sartin said...

Karen - thanks, glad you like the mountain shots. I moved here from Boston (at 14) and as much as I miss the ocean, I know I'd miss the mountains as much, or more.

Karen S. said...

I know what you mean, all water is amazing as well...but there is something about the strength and beauty of those of my favorite areas is Red Rock Canyon in Nevada...I've brought friends and family out there who were just amazed that something like that was just 20 minutes from the strip!