Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Why I teach, reason #toohighformetocount.

I left my room after school for a couple of minutes today.  I almost always lock my door, but forgot today and when I got back there were three kids in my room.  One of them was on his cell phone and another told me “shhh, we came in here to make a phone call”.
The kid on the phone pipes up and says “Yeah, I have to call the STD Clinic.”
My jaw must have hit the floor, not because I believe that there is not a single junior high kid that could ever have that kind of problem, or even that these particular kids were incredibly innocent 8th graders.  Mainly because of the nonchalant way he said it.  I sputtered out “What?”
“I’m calling the STD Clinic,” He paused for just a moment (this kid had comedic timing of  Cloris Leachman or Harvey Korman) before clarifying with “That’s where my mom works.”
At first I thought this was just more BS, but as it turns out his mom really does work for an STD testing clinic.  And looking back on the incident, it’s obvious he’s had practice with that little gag before.
And people think I’m crazy because I prefer middle school.


The English Teacher said...

Oh, that was good!

My best moment today came in 7GT. Z., wearing a red shirt, was being really annoying, popping up and down like a jack-in-the-box on speed. After I made him sit down for about the fifth time, A. glanced over at me and calmly said, "He's wearing the red shirt, can't we just kill him off now and be done with it?"


But then several kids pointed out that today is Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you), not Star Trek Day. I told them a comment like that was good no matter what day it was.

Max said...

:) That's a good one.

Karen S. said...

Isn't it amazing the one time you forget to lock your door, and you can't come back and find it empty....BTW there wasn't any new artwork left behind was there?!

Max said...

Karen - No, no artwork or other stuff, they were just wanted to get out of the noisy hall to call home.