Saturday, May 14, 2011

Livingston, I presume?

Seagulls don’t have a great reputation.  They’re scavengers, flying rats, just one step above a pigeon.  But I don’t see them that way.  I kind of like their interplay of white, grey and black. Contrary to the reputation, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a seagull that looked dirty or haggard.

Anyway, in defense of the often maligned seagull, here are some in-flight pictures I took of the one that was eating a school lunch left out in the courtyard the other day.

Maybe not as majestic as the Eagle, but I always like the sight of a bird in flight.  Makes me wish I could fly.


Karen S. said...

I so agree with you Max...Seagulls, pigeons, Canadian Geese, I travel the other road on this issue too and I get what they have to say....if you follow them closely, they almost seem to talk to I'm not crazy either...if people were more like birds in so many ways...(just imagine rush hour if they drove as well as they fly following order) and hey they will eat anything so less worries when having people over for dinner right!!! lol

Max said...

What a wonderful image, humans driving in traffic without their self-centered attitudes, like birds in a flock. I would cut commute times in half, or at least the other driver's blood pressures in half.

The English Teacher said...

Okay, I truly hate pigeons, but seagulls don't bother me -- as long as they do their pooping somewhere besides my car.
When I lived in Scotland, it was a touch of home to hear the cry of the gulls. (Och! A wee bit of nostalgia for ye, laddie.)