Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Happiness is…

The family I grew up in,
and what it’s grown into.
(No picture for this one, I couldn’t find one that includes everyone).
My house.
Teaching (80% of the time).
And all of the great people I have worked with in the schools I’ve been at, a lot of whom I still get together with.  (Again, no picture, don’t have one that includes everyone)
My cars.
The two new cats. “The Ranch”, as we call it.
And all the people in my life who have, and continue to make me laugh.


Bob Scotney said...

But you failed to tell us which one is you in the first picture.
Somehow I don't fancy the convertible in that weather.
The cats have made themsleves at home.

Max said...

Bob - Good point. I'm the second one from the left, we are arranged in order by age. As for the convertible, I only drove it a couple blocks from my house to the park for the photo shoot. Although one winter a friend and I drove up to a ski resort in it with the top down.