Tuesday, May 31, 2011


One of the nice parts of the last day of school is you get to let your guard down and just be goofy.  One of the 8th graders, who comes to school with a fauxhawk every day, asked me a couple of weeks ago if he could give me one the last week of school.  Since it’s all done with gel and hairspray, nothing permanent, I figured what the hell and agreed.  Hoping he’d completely forget, but knowing better, I wasn’t surprised when he showed up this morning with his fauxhawk kit in hand.  So there I sat, in the front of my classroom with a small audience while he gelled, combed and hair sprayed my head.
The bell for first period rang before he got completely finished, so he had to come back during second period to put the pink tint at the tips.
It was well worth it, got a lot of laughs from other students, teachers, administrators and even a few of the district people who came to the school for our principal’s retirement party at the end of the day.
Yeah, the last week can be fun at times.


The English Teacher said...

double post?
Nice faux!
Looks like your day was better than ours.

Max said...

Yeah, it wasn't supposed to post twice, must have something to do with posting a copy (with additions) on the private blog.
Hopefully the rest of the week improves for ya.

The English Teacher said...

Weirder than weird.
Blogger is just being strange these days.
I'll have to go check out other post.