Saturday, May 07, 2011

Vehicle: “A device or structure for transporting persons or things; a conveyance.”

(Loosely adapted from
As was pointed out to me by Writer, this is the perfect theme for me.  Though, pictures of cars would be all too obvious for me.  And with literally tens of thousands of pictures of cars it would be too hard to limit the number to an amount that would take less than 3 days to download.  But I will take her suggestion and post this link for you to see the 55 vehicles I’ve owned so far.
So, this is the take on the theme I decided to go with: Roads – the vehicle for getting vehicles around.
Looking down the tire track on a snowy road.
Another snowy road, right in front of the house I lived in as a teenager.
U.S. 40, between Fruitland and Duchesne, looking at the bridge that was abandoned when the highway was rebuilt.  Bridges and old roads next to the new one are a common sight in Utah, with all the room it’s easier to leave it than to tear it out.
This is a picture of a vehicle moving the vehicle for moving vehicles.  When they rebuilt the 4500 So. bridge, the whole thing was constructed between the freeway and the off ramp, and then in one day it was moved into place with two of these huge red things.
A spot on the dirt road that winds through our property and has a great view of the valley.
Want more pictures of vehicles, or have some of your own to show off?  Click on the banner below.  And remember, you can always click on a picture to get a bigger version of it.


Carmi said...

I love your take on the theme - and am glad you took the road less travelled (gaa, sorry, it's late!)

I'm intrigued by the prevalence of adjacent-abandoned structures....such a neat local trait that makes for fun exploration with a lens. Thankfully we've got you there to bring it all home for us. Love this perspective!

Max said...

Carmi - Thanks. I've been planning to spend some time this summer traveling the lesser-know byways of Utah looking for abandoned structures on the roadside. I'll let everyone know when I get it all together.

Alexia said...

I love these shots, Max. And your idea of a road trip sounds wonderful. I'm sure it will produce some great photos.

Max said...

Alexia - Thanks, and I'm sure you'll get to see the pictures I get from this summer.