Friday, May 27, 2011

Strange things are afoot.

Other than a few isolated blogs, I haven’t been able to post comments on anyone else’s blogs for the last few days.

Normally, I use Firefox rather than Explorer.  But for some reason, for the last few days, Firefox hasn’t shown that blue Blogger menu bar at the top of the page where I click to sign on.  (See pictures below)






There was no way for me to directly log into Blogger, so I tried to go the roundabout way, and just went to  That didn’t work either, for some reason it wouldn’t accept my password.  Sumanabeach. 

Next step was to try Internet Explorer.  That gave me the login in bar, and even let me log in, but when I went to another blog it would forget that I was logged in.  Even if I kept my dashboard open in another tab.  And every time I logged in at individual blogs, it posted me as “Anonymous”.

Now the question was “was it me or blogger?”  I turned to my other computer to (try to) answer the question.  I rarely every use the other computer, other than for hosting my website.  Because of this, it has a limited number of programs on it, Firefox wasn’t one of them but Explorer was.  I tried explorer on that computer and found the exact same problems as with Explorer on the computer I usually use.  This led me to believe that it was a blogger issue, I ruled out a virus because one computer uses Windows XP and the other Vista.

I ran my virus software on both computers anyway, along with Spybot, just to make sure.  Nothing there.  Now I was sure that it had to be a problem that Blogger was having.

Except, just to make sure, I decided to install Firefox on the other computer and verify that I had the same problem there.

Guess what?   It worked perfect.  So it wasn’t because of the upgrades Blogger is in the midst of.  The next step would be to completely uninstall Firefox on my main computer and the reinstall it.

Which worked.  Phew!  I still have no idea what is wrong with Explorer, but I rarely ever use it so no big deal.

And I’m back in business…


Alexia said...

That's a relief!
Blogger sure seems to be playing up recently, for a number of people.

I always use Firefox - soooo much better than IE. Was reading a very complimentary article in a computing mag the other day about Chrome - have you heard good things about it?

Max said...

I used Chrome for a while, about a year ago, but I switched back to Firefox. To be honest, now I couldn't tell you why.
Right now, since I got the thing fixed, I'm pretty happy with Firefox. You can even look up themes for it and customize it's look. I've got mine looking kind of like an old machine.See it here.

The English Teacher said...

I've had several people complain that they can't post comments on one of my private blogs right now. And I've noticed that all my followers on all my blogs have disappeared. Yours are gone right now as I type, too. So are Brigid's - I just checked.
Yup, strange things are afoot at the Circle K, dude.

Max said...

Yeah, if you click on the "Blogger in Draft" tab on the dashboard, you can read about how they are upgrading the interface right now, which is probably where the problems lie. I'm assuming, hoping, praying, that they get them cleared up soon.

The English Teacher said...

Yeah, Blogger's had a bad month lately, eh?