Monday, May 30, 2011

Well aged.

That’s the theme this week for Thematic Photographic.  Join in or just check out the other pictures, click the banner at the bottom.

We had a couple of days of sun this weekend and I took advantage of them by walking around Sugarhouse with my camera.  This line of old shops sits on the north side of 21st South, just past 11th East.  I have no idea how old these buildings are, but they’ve certainly been here longer than I have.

What really caught my eye was the sign above the middle shop.

It doesn’t look like it’s been used in decades, and it’s been poorly repainted at least once.  Click on the picture and you’ll see that it was once some sort of artist’s shop, and then became something that probably elicited a different image back in the 50’s or 60’s than it may today.


The English Teacher said...

Very nice.
I'll ask my dad what that shop was. He's likely to remember it.

Alexia said...

Super shots, Max - I love the colours in the top one. I assume Sugarhouse is a district/suburb?

Max said...

ET - That would be cool, I would like to how long those buildings have been there, and what they used to be.
Alexia - Yup, I live in the Sugarhouse district of Salt Lake City. It got that name in the 1850's, when the early settlers built a sugar factory that never actually produced any sugar.

The English Teacher said...

Don't forget that there was a prison just down the street from you! That's where my polygamist g-g- grandfather served his time.

Karen S. said...

There is such a magical beauty in things that are well aged....very nice Max!