Thursday, May 05, 2011


One of my coworkers introduced me to this after school today.  Just what I needed after a day of proctoring the end of the year tests.  (Always makes me laugh how close that word is to Proctology, they’re both a big pain in the butt).

If only YouTube and digital camcorders were around in the 1960’s, I could see my father and uncle doing something like this.  Our family was big on these kinds of family stories, and I can only imagine the kinds of twists and turns they took when the kids told them.


A Paperback Writer said...

Hey, I see that this week's photo theme is "vehicular." Gosh, this'll be a hard one for you, won't it? I mean, where on earth are you going to find any photos of cars? Hmmmm..... Well, good luck with that.

(*insert sarcasm font*)

Max said...

Hmmm, vehicular. What will I do? Not like I have any pictures of cars.
(more sarcastic font)

Karen S. said...

Oh yeah this is funny...but it's also so real life isn't today's you ever wonder how people got this way? Every time I do it's more hair pulling isn't it! Can't wait to see your offering for TP, cuz I know you will do something awesome and so unlike what we'll expect.....cuz you are just that kind of photo guy! Thanks for the laugh again Max! Those kids are just through the lens of a child...priceless always!