Saturday, June 02, 2007

School's out for summer!!

Friday @ 6:30 am until Saturday at 2:00 am. One hell of a long day. Just wanted to say YEAH! and then hit the sack. Give ya the details later.


A Paperback Writer said...

You know, I've never heard a graduation recap from a teacher's point of view before.... Good thing the school's so small now, or that heat would've been torture.
I like the party idea. We didn't have those back in the day (neither did you). Of course, I was Molly Mormon and went to an all-night, non-drinking party anyway. But it's good for the kids to have something to do where they can have fun without putting themselves and others at risk driving home. (Of course, since scientists have proved that lack of sleep dulls one's reflexes nearly as much as a six-pack, and since the teachers were not running on the same adrenaline rush as the kids, it could be argued that drivers would be in the same danger from the teachers as they would be from drunk kids.....)
Anyway, sleep is good. And at least you won't be rushed cleaning up your classroom. (I bet that's one thing you miss about junior high: kids think it's "fun" to clean. Who wants to haul a ton of books to Ms. Gonzalez's room? Me! Me! ME! Gee, what a treat. I"m sure high school kids have realized that slave labor isn't a real advantage to them, so you're stuck doing it all yourself.)

Max said...

Actually, there are still some kids in High School that are willing to help move stuff, but they certainly don't argue over being given the 'privilege' of helping. They know they are helping you and, even though they help willingly, they let you know they know.