Friday, June 15, 2007

Genetic Sludge

It never ceases to amaze me how many people there are that are so much better human beings than I am that they deserve to be able to ignore the rules by which I must live. From the superior human being in the Toyota Land Cruiser to those in the picture here. As you can see, it does not matter that the park service is trying to get the pavilion ready for this season, these people wanted to eat lunch there TODAY! And if they push the caution tape up high enough that they don't even have to duck under it, then it's not really there, is it? So now it is entirely possible that they have undone all or some of the work that the park service was trying to protect, and it will have to be re-done, at your and my expense. I've got a name for them, and it rhymes with "grass poles". Same with Mr. Toyota at Foothill Village yesterday. He's behind me in the parking garage as I try to pull the LTD into a stall, and of course it doesn't fit the first time. So, rather than wait the extra 45 seconds, he pulls behind me to go around - as I'm backing up. Good thing I was looking or his $40,000 SUV would have been several inches thinner, and I would have had to brush off my back bumper. Except that it would have been my insurance that paid to fix his POS, because it would have been me that hit him. Ahhhh, if life were fair the people in the picture would get food poisoning, the Toyota would develop dry rot and I'd win the lottery.

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