Friday, June 08, 2007

A round of new digital cameras.

So, A Paperback Writer (in the future to be referred to as either APW or just Writer, depending on which one she prefers) called me up to get advice on a digital camera for her trip abroad, and ironically I got some money I was expecting so I went out and bought myself one too. I advised her to get a 3 - 5 megapixel camera because she's mostly going to be using it for her blog (by the way Inkley's on 2200 So State has a bunch of 3 - 5 MP digitals on sale for somewhere around $60 or $70 bucks). Uh, where was I before I went into Darrin Stephens mode? Oh yea, I had other plans for my camera than the web, so I bought a Nikon D40X SLR digital. 10 mega pixels, works just like an olde tyme 35mm camera. I walked around various places playing with it, if you want to see the results go ahead and click HERE. If not, at least click on the bee and see it in full size. Ahh, I can remember the first class picture I took all the way back in '95 or so. When I printed it poster size, the pixels were so big up close all you could see were a bunch of squares, about 1/8 inch in size. If you knew the kids in my class, you could tell who was in the picture from across the room, but if you didn't know them you could hardly tell if they were boys or girls.

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