Friday, June 08, 2007

thinking blogger award

Ok, I'm kind of new at this, only been a part of the blogging community for a few months now, so I had no idea there were awards to win. If I'd know I would have hired a publicist, agent and a couple of lawyers to handle all the cash I'm going to be raking in. (By the way Writer, how much cash comes with this award?) Well, I got this award, it's supposed to go to a persons 5 top blogs that make you think. (And not just "I'm glad I'm not living in THAT guy's mind") In her own words, I got the award because "From Max I have learned about cars, computers, Barbies in Utah, how far 7th graders bounce, and many other useful things." How far 7th graders bounce? It's a pretty simple formula :

h = height of first bounce

m = mass of the 7th grader

d = height dropped from

a = angle at which 7th contacts surface (0 = feet first)

f = flexibility of surface

k = # of body piercings &/or metal pieces attached to clothing

I'm supposed to pass it on to my 5 favorite blogs that make me think, but since I only frequent 4 blogs (one of which is mine) I'm going to have to mull around the community a little more before I can bestow that honor......
Well Writer, thanks for the honor. I'll do my best to keep ya thinking...... have a great Friday. Oh, and thanks for all you contributions to my blog - they help me keep you thinking.
And one final thing I almost forgot to do - the link to the original post from whence the "Thinking Blogger Award" HERE.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Gee, cool. I'd never seen the formula before. Last time it was just a practical demonstration. See what I mean? I LEARN stuff from this blog.