Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blogging - a few basic directions.

A couple of people have made comments about being able to add comments to my blog, so here is a few little tips, at the bottom of the page is a link that will take you to a page with these notes, that includes pictures so you don't have to guess what the hell I'm talking about.
*** You do not need to sign up for anything to post a comment, you just need to click on "Other" when it asks for your identity (follow link, see picture)
*** I have enabled the moderation function - this means that anything you add does not go directly to the page, I get to read it first and accept or reject it. Anything obscene or that simply does not add to the conversation will be rejected, all else will be accepted. If you are not sure - just go ahead and post it. If I don't post it then I don't post it, nothing lost.
*** Funny is good.
*** Thank you and click here for the pictorial version of this tutorial, including previously unseen little hints......
*** And click here if you want to see some pictures I took this month while wandering around the city bored.....

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