Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mother of the Year or :

Maybe I watch too much CSI & Without a Trace?
I'm looking out the window at the Chevron and I see this little kid, not more than 3 years old, dodging traffic trying to get from the pumps to the store, clutching some money in his little hand. First thing I think is "where is this poor kid's parent?" and then my TV watching prompts the thought "prime target for kidnapping". The entire time the kid is crossing the street, both on the way in and on the way back, mom has her head buried in the back seat of their car, cleaning it out, organizing it or who knows what, but not watching her kid. He comes in to buy a little bottle of milk, and isn't even as tall as the counter, I have to lean over to get the milk from him and give him is change. How many kids over the years have disappeared from busy convience stores? A couple of cases in Salt Lake alone come to mind. Add to that the fact that people drive like maniacs through our parking lot, think it's just an extension of 2100 South. Anyway. all worked out well, kid got his milk and made it back to the car safe and sound, and "Mom of the Year" got the back seat cleaned out. Of course, if she hadn't been so lucky, maybe the back would have stayed clean......

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A Paperback Writer said...

Max, it's probably not the TV. You're a teacher, for crying out loud! You WATCH kids. You feel compelled to make sure they're not breaking anything/hurting each other/and staying safe even when they're bloody well not your responsibility. The same reflex that makes you tell a kid he'd better not even think about cutting in line ahead of you at the movie makes you watch the kid in the parking lot because no one else is watching him. Sure, you don't teach kindergarten, but it doesn't matter. You will watch. You can't help it. neither can I.